Clan MacNamara

Decendants of Cu Mara Chief of Maghadhair

Cead Mile Failte!                                       

This web site has been created to preserve and promote the rich history of the MacNamara Clan. The information and resources published on this site are for the use and benefit of all members of Clan MacNamara (MacNamara, McNamara, McNamar, McNemarra, MacConmara, Conmara, McClancy, McSheedy)  As proud descendants of Cu Mara our 10th Century progenitor and members of the Dalcassian tribe of Thomond we are pleased to welcome you to our 'Baile' (home) on the web.

Dal gCais 

The MacNamara clan are proud descendants of the 'Dal gCais' meaning the 'race or children of Cas' the fifth century king of Munster and progenitor of the Dal gCais. In modern times referred to as the Dalcassian clan the MacNamara clan and it's descendants are part of the Dal gCais and refer to ourselves as Dalcassians.

The McNamara Clan acknoweledges Lord Inchiquin Sir Connor O'Brien as Titular Chief of the Dal gCais and in turn Cheif of the Dalcassian council. Representing Clan MacNamara on the Dalcassian Council is Mr Lance MacNamara.

The definitive MacNamara book


'The Story of an Irish Sept'
The Origin and History of the
by N.C MacNamara, and first published in 1896

 Reprinted by Martin Breen

Faithfully reproduced by Martin Breen this book tells the story of the MacNamara family from the dawn of history up to the start of the twentieth century, and the author N. C. Macnamara, uses the standard reference works of Irish history to build his story. These include The Annals of the Four Masters, The Annals of Innisfallen, works by T. J. Westropp, Eugene OCurry, Keating and other scholars of Irish history. The references used in this book will direct anybody interested in further study of the MacNamara Clan to the best and most scholarly works on the subject.

This book will surley become an heirloom to be handed dwon through the generations!

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